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  • INA 5 surround microphone

    This time I’d like to show you my new INA 5 surround microphone setup. The INA 5 setup (Ideale Nieren Anordnung = ideal cardioid arrangement) is an extension of the stereo INA 3 layout for real surround sound recording. This kind of setup is fully compatible with the ITU-R BS.775 standard. The angles of the […]

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  • New sci-fi ambience libraries

    Yet another sci-fi library? Yes, but this time it’s different. The sci-fi ambiences are in 5.0 surround sound. The library contains extremely abstract and organic sounds using Absynth, Reaktor 5, Skanner XT, Prism, the Kawai K 5000 S, Virsyn TERA and more. The library is very easy to use. All files loop perfectly and have a uniform […]

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  • 6 channel mobile recording system

    How can you record up to 6 channels high quality audio outside without spending more than € 5000? Here is my proposal. RME Fireface UCX – €915 RME Quadmic 2 – €495 iPad Mini Retina 32GB – €479 App Cubasis – €39 App RME TotalMix FX – €3,99 Battery Pack (10 AAAs) – €20 USB […]

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