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  • 370 sound effects

    I’m very happy to announce our next library. It features 370 single sound effects in mono and stereo. These sounds are designed especially for game audio. No dynamic compression was applied, they have punch, deepness and are delivered in 24 Bit, 96 kHz. All sounds are cut exactly, so that you only need to drag […]

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  • INA 5 surround microphone

    This time I’d like to show you my new INA 5 surround microphone setup. The INA 5 setup (Ideale Nieren Anordnung = ideal cardioid arrangement) is an extension of the stereo INA 3 layout for real surround sound recording. This kind of setup is fully compatible with the ITU-R BS.775 standard. The angles of the […]

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  • New sci-fi ambience libraries

    Yet another sci-fi library? Yes, but this time it’s different. The sci-fi ambiences are in 5.0 surround sound. The library contains extremely abstract and organic sounds using Absynth, Reaktor 5, Skanner XT, Prism, the Kawai K 5000 S, Virsyn TERA and more. The library is very easy to use. All files loop perfectly and have a uniform […]

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