Our first library with surround sound effects is online.

What surround sound effects are included?
Blenders, Whooshes, Swooshes, Slides, Fly-bys, Rises, Landings, Buzzings, Evolvings, Swells, Sci-Fi, Stinger

What can I use it for?
You can use these surround sounds effects for any kind of movement – such as the movements of objects, (scene) changes or cuts in games, film, broadcast and more.

What is the benefit of using a surround sound library?
You don’t need to pan the 5 different sounds or adjust them in time, volume or timbre. It’s already been done.

What packages do you offer?
The Design Box comes with more than 130 surround sound effects in 5.0. The Construction Kit comes with more than 500 sounds in stereo. The packs are available in 24 Bit/96 kHz. You can purchase the libraries from the shop on our website and directly download them from there.

How is the library structured?
The Construction Kit is structured in (1) long, mid and short sounds, (2) in high, mid and low frequency sounds and (3) according to their tonal direction: up, down or even. Each sound is pitched twice. File names contain comprehensive EBU/BWF and WAV-Metadata for easy use.

The Design Box provides you with user-friendly surround sound effects (5 channel mono: FR, FL, C, RR, RL). They are structured into different types of surround sounds:

(1) Front to rear
(2) Rear to front
(3) Left to right
(4) Right to left
(5) Circular.

Why synthetic?
To build this library we only used software instruments. This allowed us to create sounds with a high dynamic range. These surround sound effects are absolutely clear, with frequencies reaching up to 100 kHz (for pitching purpose) and many contain ”very unusual” effects.

Why 5.0 and not 5.1?
The 5 channels are full range channels. No extra 0.1 channel is needed. According to the ITU-Standard (AES and SMPTE) the 0.1 LFE is used only for very special surround sound effects. The 0.1 is not a woofer signal that contains the deep frequencies of the remaining signals, but rather a Low Frequency Effect-Channel.

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