Blender and Whooshes Bundle


Blenders, Whooshes, Swooshes, Slides, Fly-bys, Rises, Landings, Evolvings, Swells, Stinger
More than 130 ready-to-use surround sounds, surround sound effects (1.2 GB)
More than 500 stereo sounds (1.4 GB)
HD 24 Bit / 96 kHz

All sounds are royalty free and instantly downloadable

Construction Kit
Easy, effective workflow with comprehensive EBU/BWF and WAV-Metadata (for use in any DAW)
Categories for sounds: long, medium, short, high, mid, low
Tonal direction (up, down or even)
Each sound pitched twice

Design Box
Each surround sound contains 5 separate sounds in mono: FR, FL, C, RS, LS
Available movements: front to rear, rear to front, left to right, right to left and circular
Additional stereo mixdown for previewing
Effective workflow thanks to well structured, appropriately-named files
All sounds are royalty free and instantly downloadable after payment


1. Award-winning media composer Sean Beeson uses our Synthetic Blend and Whoosh Library: “The Synthetic Blend and Whoosh (Bundle) contains a lot of inspiring sounds. Some are edgy and modern while others are more organic and ethereal sounding. These sounds will definitely compliment my music!” (Sean Beeson – July, 2013)

2. Journal (Music Production, Germany, Author: Mario Schumacher): “With its excellent, crystal clear audio quality the versatile bundle is great for electronic music production and cinematic sound design.” 5 out of 6 points. (BEAT – September, 2013)


One surround sound whoosh contains up to 5 different sounds from the stereo version. The bundle gives you the advantages of both: final surround sound mixes and single sounds in stereo. All sounds are royalty free and instantly downloadable after payment.

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