Blender and Whooshes Surround


More than 130 ready-to-use surround sounds, surround sound effects (1.2 GB)
Blenders, Whooshes, Swooshes, Slides, Fly-bys, Rises
Landings, Buzzings, Evolvings, Swells, Sci-Fi, Stinger
Each surround sound contains 5 separate sounds in mono: FR, FL, C, RS, LS
Available movements: front to rear, rear to front, left to right, right to left and circular
HD 24 Bit / 96 kHz
All sounds are royalty free and instantly downloadable after payment
Effective workflow thanks to well structured, appropriately-named files
Additional stereo mixdown for previewing


1. Award-winning media composer Sean Beeson uses our Synthetic Blend and Whoosh Library: “The Synthetic Blend and Whoosh (Bundle) contains a lot of inspiring sounds. Some are edgy and modern while others are more organic and ethereal sounding. These sounds will definitely compliment my music!” (Sean Beeson – July, 2013)

2. Journal (Music Production, Germany, Author: Mario Schumacher): “With its excellent, crystal clear audio quality the versatile bundle is great for electronic music production and cinematic sound design.” 5 out of 6 points. (BEAT – September, 2013)


Bringing movements, movements of objects, changes, scene changes or cuts to life is not an easy thing to do. It even gets more difficult when should be done in surround sound. The Synthetic Blend and Whoosh Library gives you the tools for doing it properly.

Simply drag and drop the 5 separate sounds into your DAW (with prepared 5.0 tracks) and get perfectly balanced and panned surround sound – from front to rear, rear to front, left to right, right to left, or circular movement. You don’t need to pan the 5 different sounds or adjust them in time, volume or timbre. It’s already been done.

All sounds were designed by using the Synthetic Blend and Whoosh Construction Kit. The timbre of this library is basically futuristic and synthetic. No metadata used here, since the sounds are in surround.

All sounds are royalty free and instantly downloadable after payment.

Download the list of sounds as a pdf.
Download 3 demo files in 5.0.


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